Daegu trip – Healing Course

Smiles are significant of pleasure.

Samunjin Naru

cruise ship and ferry, Makgeolli , Recreation

Samunjin Naru has been change to a new tourist destination since start to running cruise ship and ferry. Jumak (taverns) has a traditioanl korean style ambiance where can experience past and present.

Mabijeong Mural Painting Village

혻Visitor to the village have opportunities to experience farming, Red clay sauna and walking trails with tale of Mabijeong legend.

Mabijeong Mural Painting Village , beautiful village, which has friendly story of mural with local colors of props, tree,flowers and toterm pole craftsman.

Gangjeong Goryeongbo Weir (The ARC)

Gangjeong Goryeong weir (length 953.5 m) prides itself on being the largest weir on the Nakdonggang River.

Nakdonggang (river) is the lifeline of Daegu and flows through the surrounding Dalgubeol. Gangjeong Goryeong weir is regarded as being the center of the river in Gangjeong, which has developed into a new attraction along with the in-development representative water cultural center for the four rivers.

Hillcrest(Herb Hillz)

Healing, parking available

Tourism course- Farming Folk Custom Museum, green tea garden, hills terrace, Tajan hills, family zoo, secret jungle (chargeable), foodbank (restaurant), flowers Bibimbap vanilla restaurant, animals performance field, carpentry DIY experience classroom, other amusement facilities.


Trip Course Table

Place Time Content Link
Samunjin Naru 10:00 Coffee, Waterfront View More
Mabijeong Mural Painting Village 13:00 Theme Stree, Cafe, Photozone View More
Gangjeong Goryeongbo Weir (The ARC) 15:00 Culture,혻 Adventure,혻Waterfront View More
Hillcrest(Herb Hillz) 19:00 Amusement park, Nightlife View More


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